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WECONOMICS Screening Resources

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Organization Links

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

National Cooperative Business Association

National Center for Employee Ownership

ESOP Association

The Democracy Collaborative

Ohio Employee Ownership Center 

ICA Group 

Cooperation Works

New Economy Coalition

Democracy at Work Institute


Adams, Frank T. and Gary B. Hansen, Putting Democracy to Work: A Practical Guide for Starting and Managing Worker-Owned Businesses, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1992

Cheney, George, Values at Work: Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondragon, Cornell University press, 1999

Kruse, Douglas, Richard Freeman, and Joseph Blasi, editors, Shared Capitalism at Work, The University of Chicago Press, 2010

Logue, John, et al, Participatory Employee Ownership: How it Works, Worker Ownership Institute and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, 1998

MacLeod, Greg, From Mondragon to America: Experiments in Community Economic Development, University College of Cape Breton Press, 1997

Restakis, John, Humanizing the Economy: Cooperatives in the Age of Capital, New Society Publishers,, 2010

Rosen, Corey, John Case and Martin Staubus, Equity: Why Employee Ownership is Good for Business, Harvard Business School Press, 2005

Other resources

J. Robert Beyster Fellowships [to study employee ownership and related topics], Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations 

Curriculum on Cooperatives for graduate schools

Curriculum for grade/middle school students

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WEconomics: Italy reports on the extensive and innovative cooperative economy in the region around Bologna.



"Fabulous! I can't overstate the importance of this film right now! There's a democratic form of enterprise that works because it's aligned with the human need for connection, meaning and agency. The film beautifully captures the power of cooperatives in a world in desperate need of hope - not pie in the sky but evidence-based hope. May it be viewed worldwide, fueling the cooperative movement."
Frances Moore Lappé, Co-Founder, Small Planet Institute, Author, Diet for a Small Planet and EcoMind


"Advocates for a more community based economy here in the US have much to learn from Italy's Emilia Romagna region, where decades of sophisticated cooperative development and policymaking have helped turn one of the poorest parts of the country into one of its most economically prosperous, and have produced innovative new models for aligning economic activity and social service delivery with human and communitarian values. WEconomics: Italy takes us into the democratic workplaces at the heart of this historical trajectory, illuminating the dense networks of solidarity and the deep processes of cultural change behind Emilia Romagna's vibrant cooperative ecosystem."
Gar Alperovitz, Co-Founder, The Democracy Collaborative, Co-Chair, The Next System Project


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Announcing WECONOMICS Screenings

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The first in a new series from the makers of SHIFT CHANGE, WEconomics: Italy reports on the extensive and innovative cooperative economy in the region around Bologna.

The Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy has one of the highest concentrations of cooperative businesses in the developed world. The capital, Bologna is an industrial powerhouse, where prosperity is widely shared, and cooperatives of teachers and social workers play a key role in the provision of government services.

19 minutes
SDH Captioning for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Directed by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin
Produced by Melissa Young
Photography, Editing: Mark Dworkin
Narrator: Natasha Dworkin
A Moving Images Production

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